Jinx’s Story

I’ve had Jinx since she was about seven weeks old. My son-in-law and daughter found her abandoned at the side of a road, sitting in a puddle.

They scooped her up. She weighed next-to-nothing and was obviously very ill. A trip to the vet confirmed that she was very ill with pneumonia. I told them to put her in a cage in my house so that my dog couldn’t hurt her before I finished work.

I opened the door and there she was. Clinging to the side of the cage miaowing pitifully. I had outdoor cats but no indoor cats at the time so I straightened her blanket, scooped out the tiny litter tray and picked her up.

Her purring was deafening even over the raspy sound of her struggling to breathe. My family had fed her and made her as comfortable as they could before they left but my heart bled for this poor little mite.

Another trip to the vet the following day brought the sad news that she was so young it was unlikely that she would get over her illness.

I was determined. I had already fallen in love with her and she was going to be given the best care I could give her. If she died, at least I would know that I had tried my best for her.

A week later I took her back to the vet for more treatment. The vet scooped her up and popped her onto the scales. She had gained a few ounces! Her eyes were clearer and her breathing was less laboured but I still held my breath as the vet listened to her lungs.

Her lungs were a lot better! She was still very ill and had developed an asthma-like wheeze. More antibiotics.

Two weeks later she had here final check-up. The vet told me that she probably wouldn’t grow much as she had had such a poor start in life but apart from an intermittent cough, that lasted six months, she was now in good health and would soon be ready to be neutered.

I was ecstatic. I hadn’t dared to hope that she would survive long term. After three weeks of living with me and my dog, she was a much loved member of the family. She still slept in her cage at night but during the day, she had the run of the house with the dog.

Poor Max! He tolerated her (he was a golden Labrador retriever) and despite her following him everywhere, sitting on him, biting and chewing his ears and chasing his tail, he never once even growled at her.

max and portley
Max playing with his pal Portley

The years passed and my beautiful kitten turned into a gorgeous cat. The vet was right about her growth being stunted but she’s not tiny, just petite.

Max died and Jinx missed him terribly. Eventually I gave in and allowed my daughter to convince me that her friend’s kitten would be perfect.

Skylar arrived and the fun began! Jinx is a playful cat and she was well able to keep up with a crazy kitten. She prefers alone time and sleeps hidden away under furniture or in boxes but when the mood takes her, she chases Skylar all over the house. He’s twice as big as her now but she doesn’t take any notice of that and is not above hitting him on the nose if he annoys her. She won’t play fight with him as she knows he’s too big but she brings toys to him when she wants a game and Skylar always obliges.

When I think back to that tiny shivering kitten, I know I made the right decision when I decided that I was going to do everything I could to keep her alive. She will always be my baby cat – even though she’s going to be nine this year!

2016-12-10 18.43.04


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