Skylar’s fall

Skylar is a massive cat although he’s only just over a year old. Since he came, he has disrupted the house and caused no end of problems. Which means he fits in very well!

Last night he was sleeping on the window-ledge behind the curtain. The window-ledge is almost two feet deep and about the same wide. I was half asleep watching the television when suddenly, there was a crash and a bang right beside my head.

Skylar had rolled off the ledge dragging the cat bed with him. He landed on the little table where I keep the remote and my phone. The remote shot towards the telly at high speed narrowly missing it, while my phone shot out the door.

Skylar meanwhile, flipped over and ended up on the floor. He looked at me as if I’d pushed him!

2017-12-31 15.06.40

If you own a cat (or two or three!) you’ll no doubt understand all too well – we love them no matter what they do, through the good and the bad, the laughter and tears.

As long as we remember that we don’t own cats – they simply tolerate us – we’ll get along just fine.

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